Beyond the River

Music and Sound Art, Moving image

This concert will take you on a journey Beyond the River of discovery through ancient Yemeni Jewish music to Morocco, Andalusia, American jazz, Israel, Africa rhythms, and beyond. Beyond the river is Michal’s new music through the medium of ethnic jazz and original arrangements of traditional material. Her vocals may be described as ‘jazz dipped in Eastern promise.’ Her music is inspired by nature, people and cultures.

Michal's concert recording will be online for the first time in the Feel Helsinki Festival. You can also see visual artist Tomasz Sekular doing live visual art on top of the recording. Michal will explain in writing between the songs about the compositions, places and lyrics.

The Beyond the River concert is produced together with 15 outstanding musicians based in Helsinki, Finland, and the outcome is a new sound and a new colour of music that will take you on a journey beyond the river.

Michal Hoter, vocals; Timo Alakotila, piano; Ali Haithem, oud; Hector Lepe, guitar; Viola Uotila, kantele, harp, cello; Lotta Pitkänen, violin; Iris Tarnanen, cello; Ahoora Mahone, percussion; Roser Gabriel, accordion; Ilmari Rönkä, soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, flute; Ilkka Arola, trumpet; Annika Lyytikäinen, clarinet; Jaakko Arola, tenor saxophone, bass clarinet, flute; Repkat Parhat, opening electronic and sounds; Oskari Armas Siirtola, bass; Christopher Rodulfo, drums; Tomasz Secular, visual art; Shlomi Gvili, Ogen Studio, sound and mix

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