Online Concert: Septad ensemble: Joy Against the Machine #3

Music, Interactive

Septad ensemble will begin their performance with a free improvisation. Suddenly, a software called ‘The Machine’ will begin to randomly give them textual instructions to guide their improvisation.

This performance will be a reflection on the power relationship between the performers, the audience and The Machine. The instructions will be projected on a big screen in the hall, so that the audience will be able to see them and follow the performers’ actions and reactions. The public can write the instructions by filling out an anonymous form on the page.

Libero Mureddu’s Septad ensemble is formed by some of the best improvisers active in Finland: flutist Livia Schweizer, clarinetist Mikko Raasakka, accordionist Veli Kujala, cellist Aino Juutilainen, double bass player Joe Williamson, drummer Janne Tuomi and himself at the piano.