Voice is Voices: a sound installation opera – the 3rd doctoral degree concert

Sound Art, Music


Voice is Voices brings the human voice and opera closer to what you’ve ever experienced. It is an opera installation about sound and identity:
treacherous characters in fairy tales,
sisters who invent their own language,
the prelude of four coloratura sopranos
and the growth of one voice to different genders, feelings and wills. Voice is Voices brings opera and singing as close to the listener as possible with the help of different styles, references and body-centred views.

The performances take place every hour in the Middle Foyer, and they each last about 45 hours.

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Working group:
Miika Hyytiäinen, composition and concept
Henriikka Tavi, libretto
Maija Turunen, recording and sound design

Kajsa Dahlbäck, coloratura soprano
Annika Fuhrmann, coloratura soprano
Marika Hölttä, coloratura soprano
Kaisa Ranta, coloratura soprano

Louna Hosia, viola da gamba
Pinja Nuñes, cello

Emma Kuntsi, production assistant